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Disposable cutlery is a very competitive market with very high demand quantity. CNN Plastic System provides flexible solution from basic cold runner cutlery mold to fully hot runner multi-cavity molds plus fully automation packaging turnkey to meet your production needs. Fast, Stable, Durable, Production Friendly!

• Over thousands of worldwide cutlery design collection from light weight to heavy duty.
• Durable Cold Runner Mold.
• Fast Hot Runner Mold up to 64 cavities with extra platen for easy hot tip cleaning.
• Turnkey solution including injection machine, take out robot and fully automatic packaging.

Spoon, fork, knife or stir, no matter what product you need, our experienced team provides you one step solution from cutlery molds, injection molding machines, to automation robots.

CNN Plastic System design high quality cutlery molds for all kinds of plastic cutleries. Starting from 12 cavity cold runner mold to multi-cavity fully hot runner mold, we utilize cutting edge CNC milling machine and quality steel to ensure the best quality.

Furthermore, we design the mold with 100% flow balance so it will be easy to operate, long-lifetime, and you will get each part for the same for multiple cavities. We take care of the details more than you expected!

  • Fully Hot Runner

    Best solution to avoid waste of material, and save extra workforce.
  • Semi-Hot Runner

    Balance between performance and tooling cost
  • Cold Runner

    Budget design for entry market